Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tinto Brass

I emailed my friend, "When I was visiting my parents recently I changed my Netflix account address to my parents' address. Then returned to LA, put two soft-core porn/erotica/70s-sexploitation pix at the top of my queue, forgot to change my address, the discs went to my parents' house, Mom emails me saying Netflix sent two movies to them and should she send them to me or send them back to Netflix, I say 'send them to me' not knowing whether they opened them or not, then I get them, they had been opened, and that's a little embarrassing."

My friend replied, "That's kind of like when I just started getting Maxim Magazine for free, sent to my parents' house and I go over there and my mom says that a pornographic magazine has been coming with my name on it and why wouldn't I have that sent to my PO box. I said, 'I'm not subscribing to Maxim so I don't know why it's coming here, and also Maxim is not pornography.' And my mom says, "Oh, I think it is." And I thought, 'Well you've obviously never clicked on'"

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