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I am (hopefully) going to continue to research this and come to some clearer conclusions. But I was looking at the maps and had some thoughts about the "red states" of 2008...

Here are the states that had the smallest percentages voting for Obama (7 of these states under 40%) (based on data from ):

Wyoming 33% / 65%
Oklahoma 34% / 66%
Utah 34% / 63%
Idaho 36% / 62%
Alaska 36% / 62%
Alabama 39% / 60%
Arkansas 39% / 59%
Louisiana 40% / 59%
Kentucky 41% / 57%
Kansas 41% / 57%
Nebraska 41% / 57%

Based on info from this site:, with data from last year here are two lists, the ten poorest US states and the ten wealthiest. 9 of the 10 poorest voted for McCain, and tend to be "red states." Of the 10 wealthiest, 9 voted for Obama, and 8 of the 10 historically tend to be "blue states."

The poorest ten US states:
West Virginia
New Mexico

The wealthiest ten US states:
New Jersey
New Hampshire

States with highest and lowest percentages of college graduates (these results are from 2003 - )

Of the ten highest, 9 voted for Obama:
Massachusetts 37.6
Maryland 37.2
Colorado 36.0
Virginia 34.2
New Hampshire 34.0
Connecticut 33.5
New Jersey 33.4
Minnesota 32.7
Kansas 31.0
Vermont 31.3

Of the ten lowest, 9 of 10 voted for McCain:
West Virginia 15.3
Arkansas 17.4
Mississippi 19.3
Wyoming 20.7
Nevada 21.2
Kentucky 21.3
Indiana 22.2
South Carolina 22.3
Louisiana 22.3
Idaho 22.5


Blogger Lisa D'Arrigo said...

Naturally your parents would've voted for Obama........

I remember the sticker on your Mom's convertible back in 2000. Vote for George W. Bush.

Do you have any idea of how much Obama's win means to the rest of the world? We ALL wanted to vote for him. We worship him.

The speech he gave back in June when he was named Candidate was amazing. Never before have I seen a politician who aspires to be US President give such impassioned speeches.

I quite like IN TREATMENT. Waited a year to watch LOST (4). Felt lost watching it, but loved it by the end. Was watching BREAKING BAD and suddenly.....six episodes down and the season ended.

December 3 they'll release PRISON BREAK (3) here. I like to watch the entire season in a marathon when it's released on DVD.

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