Sunday, October 26, 2008

Elitism Defined

So, I am watching part of this interview Brian Williams did with John McCain and Sarah Palin for NBC News (the liberal media). So, S. Palin has been making the rounds to rallies and she's all talking about the elitists who love Obama and all this. So Brian Williams asked her what she considers an elitist to be. I just watched her response and then I figured I should rewind the TiVo recording of it and transcribe it for you:

Brian Williams: "Governor, what is an 'elite'? Who is a member of the 'elite'?"

Sarah Palin: "Oh, I guess just people who think that they're better than anyone else, and, uh, John McCain and I are so committed to serving every American, hardworking, middle-class Americans who are so desiring of this economy getting put back on the right track and winning these wars and America starting to reach her potential and that is opportunity and hope provided everyone equally. So anyone who thinks that they are, um, I guess, uh, better than anyone else, that's, that's my definition of elitism."

I think Webster's might be calling with a job offer soon!

And this is how she always talks. In gibberish; babbling, and inserting random, unconnected buzzwords and phrases.


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