Thursday, August 20, 2009

Who Is the Target Audience?

I got an email from RL with some ad images... Look at this prep school one. Look at these two kids. Who wants their kids to be these kids? They look like schemers and sociopaths. They're like 10.

In a couple of years she'll be running a prostitution ring made up of her prep school gal-pals, to pay for her drug habit. When one of them turns up dead and the cops show up, her parents will pay somebody off.

The boy appears to be the rich, spoiled bully; a punk. Of all the little creeps in his "Polo Posse," he's richest, and he's the meanest. You see this kid at the new Yankee Stadium right behind home plate, in the $10,000 seats, texting his friends. When the text doesn't go through fast enough he throws his iPhone down onto the pavement and shouts "bitch!" at it. A-Rod's at the plate; he turns around, startled. The kid glares at him. He gets a new iPhone the next day. And everyone apologizes to him. He loves seeing someone get hurt, and the more serious the injury the funnier it is. And he likes to have a hand in it. He has no conscience. Before he's 18 he'll have killed: victims of his drunk driving, the high-class call girl who said the wrong thing and got beaten to death, etc. Where does he go from here?

Summers in the Hamptons;
Coke in my nose.

Pony on my jacket;
Fuck you,

Note: of course these two child models are not who I'm talking about -- it's the "characters" they are "playing." And that is the work of the photographer, the client, the wardrobe people, etc who engineered this ad.


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