Thursday, October 01, 2009


The other day I couldn't remember Darrell Hammond's name. One day, before baseball season started I couldn't remember Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum's name. I knew all about them both, I could picture them, I could tell you all about them -- couldn't think of their names. As my father, and maternal grandfather both suffer/suffered from Alzheimer's/dementia -- this disturbs me somewhat. Whenever it happens. Right now I can't think of the word that is what scuba is and what milf is. It's not anagram. I hate this.


Blogger Wornoutmorgan said...

I forget things all the time and don't worry about it - but then I can still remember being younger and not remembering things and being arrogant enough to think they 'weren't important enough' for me to be remembering. (Grammar would be one).

Acronym is what you're looking for. I always get it mixed up with anacronism and I think that should say something positive to you. Enjoying the site(s).

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