Tuesday, December 01, 2009

facebook ads

Here are some of the crazy ads I've seen on facebook. (Click on them to see the large versions.) This first collage features photos where something(s), appears to be so totally blown out of proportion, that I believe someone's Photoshopping in a most ridiculous way...

Here's some more for the "sex sells" category. The first three on the left, and the top one on the right all suggest the same thing, that dating Christians, thirtysomethings, and/or local girls is all about one thing: tits. The fifth photo is not about breasts, but is an outrageous photo anyway...

Next, who is Googling me? Three hot party girls with super fake breasts, most likely...

Some more crazy ones: what does that photo have to do with Dad's bailout? I'm not even sure what that's a picture of. Then there's the face to face nyc one. I don't think that without the tiny, yet insane, photo you'd know this was for a seemingly gay spa? The funerals one is just nuts. Then there's the smarmy, smirking douchebag who has Photoshopped that fake blonde girl in next to him -- he can show me how to make the ladies love me with his video... Great stuff, facebook!

We Need Men. It doesn't look like it. What are they doing in this photo? What does the photo have to do with their dating site? Next they want me to become a fan of the apparently sassy and sexual and bisexual Kesha. "I love south." What? Sauce and
Bonnie Raitt are spelled wrong.

These last two go together. They appear to tell you how to be "more than friends" with "that" girl. The first one's picture features some 50-something schlub with a stripper all over him. The last one has the creepiest photograph I've ever seen on facebook. Why is this sixty year old guy with that mustache and no shirt caressing that young girl who could be over 18? Why is she smiling? It looks like an outtake from a 70s porn movie.


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