Friday, September 21, 2012

Big Sky Country

Today I was walking my dog and I noticed a quarter on the ground, in the dirt. I kept walking, then I thought, I should go back and pick it up, right? Even though the ashtray in my car is overflowing with change already, it would be foolhardy or wasteful or elitist to not go back for it. So I did. Then I got to thinking: I would definitely not have stopped for a penny, and as it turns out I would stop for a quarter. So what about a nickel or dime? Anyway, it's sitting here on my desk now. I'm looking at it. It is a Montana state quarter from 2007. At some point I'll have to take it to my car. And then, most likely, use it in a parking meter one day...

Sneeze Attack Ruins Dinner

Last night I was eating a sandwich for dinner and all of a sudden—out of nowhere—I started sneezing. I hadn't had time to swallow or prepare at all. So... I was sneezing out regular sneeze-related folderol and whatnot—as well as bits of chewed food, saliva, et al. The whole thing was so disappointing and unappetizing that I could not go on with the meal.